Who We Are

Since being founded in 1983, Network Design and Analysis Corporation (NDA) has specialized in quoting and sales automation solutions for the telecommunications industry. During this time, NDA has developed substantial expertise in interpreting and implementing the business logic that underlies telecom services and pricing. This allows us to deliver high quality, unique solutions to customers in very short time frames.

At NDA, we maintain a strong partnership philosophy with our customers, acting as extensions to their operations to ensure on-going project success. Our customers have realized increased overall efficiency, including increased quote volumes and accuracy, and decreased quote turnaround times and operational costs.

NDA is a financially stable firm with no debt. NDA is also a Silver Microsoft Partner.

Your team has been wonderful to work with. You should be proud of your organization and the professionalism of each and every employee in your company.


Why Choose Us

Carriers choose our solutions for some of the following reasons:

  • Telecom focussed costing and pricing engine that is customized to include specific business rules and rates
  • Quick integration to carrier quoting APIs
  • Address based pricing support
  • Fast and high quality implementations of new services and promotional plans
  • Easy integration to other internal applications via web services
  • A flexible architecture to accommodate quick responses to new business requirements
  • SaaS, hosted or on-premise solutions available
  • A specialized and experienced partner that places emphasis on customer service