Our Solutions

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your network services costing, quoting and ordering with our industry leading automation solutions. Sell-n-Serve is a web-based quoting and ordering application designed specifically for telecom. It integrates with our telecom geocoding engine GeoNDA to support global address verification. Leveraging decades of experience in the industry, our solutions provide a flexible and extensive feature set that adapt to the specific needs of each carrier.

Sell-n-Serve Features

Dynamic Costing / Pricing

Sell-n-Serve's specialty is in providing dynamic quote creation by incorporating your rates, vendor agreements and network infrastructure into a single application. Some of the telecom specific concepts that are unique to Sell-n-Serve compared to non-telecom based applications include:

  • International pricing
  • Multi-term pricing
  • Multi-location pricing
  • Mileage based pricing
  • Address, Market and CLLI based pricing
  • Multi-currency pricing
  • Updated ILEC pricing twice per month for all ILECs in the US and Canada
  • Cost optimization
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Promotions
  • ICB and discounted pricing
  • Equipment pricing

eBonding / Carrier API Integration

Generate off-net quotes from your vendors' quoting applications with Sell-n-Serve's highly reputable eBonding platform. Quotes are saved in both Sell-n-Serve and your partners' tools for easy referencing on both sides. NDA is usually one of the first to implement new vendor APIs, allowing you to quickly incorporate new partner APIs as they become available.

Contact us to learn more about Sell-n-Serve's eBonding capabilities and the APIs currently supported.

Product Catalog

The centralized Product Catalog is used as the reference for all quotes ensuring consistency and accuracy. The Product Catalog can be used to:

  • Easily update on-net/off-net buildings, serving areas (ie. CLLIs, postal codes, etc.) and rate lists
  • Define your NNI/POPs with vendors, including service availability
  • Manage markups and discounts for services
  • Create promotions without programming
  • Keep track of rate and building changes using the auditing feature


Sell-n-Serve is built on a multi-tier architecture with an Oracle database for enhanced performance and reliability. Its use of web services allows for seamless integration to your Front and Back Office systems, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics and Siebel.

Sell-n-Serve's centralized server allows you to gain enterprise wide access to customer profile and rate information while ensuring enhanced control and consistency in pricing and customer data.

Listed below are some of the other process-enhancing functionalities included in Sell-n-Serve:

  • ICB Vendor Quote Requests
  • Quoting Analytics and KPI Reporting
  • Proposal / Service Order Creation
  • Workflows
  • Customer / Agent Access
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integration to Front / Back Office Applications

Please contact us if you would like more information about Sell-n-Serve's full feature set.

GeoNDA Features

GeoNDA is NDA's internally developed geocoding engine that provides the latitude and longitude for a given address worldwide. For addresses in the U.S. and Canada, it also provides the SWC CLLI of the location. Geospatial algorithms and years of SWC data collection have been used to determine SWC polygons and the SWC CLLI of an address.

GeoNDA is included with Sell-n-Serve and can also be used stand-alone or integrated to other applications via API.