• A complete quoting solution for telecom
    • Optimal Supplier / Access Costing
    • Backbone Routing Optimization
    • Product Catalog Management
    • Quoting Analytics
  • Automate Your Quoting
    Custom solutions for your specific needs.
    • Industry's quickest turnaround times
    • Experienced telecom staff
    • Dedicated customer support
  • A solution with proven results
    Increase Quote Volumes and Sales
    Increase Quote Accuracy
    Increase Efficiency
    Reduce Quote Turnaround Times
    Reduce Quoting Overhead
    Reduce Access Costs

Equip your business with the most advanced automation tool for telecom See how our solutions can improve your productivity and efficiency.

Streamline Your Quoting

Since 1983, NDA has specialized in quoting and sales automation solutions for the telecom industry. During this time, we have developed substantial expertise in interpreting and implementing the business logic that underlies telecom services and pricing. This allows us to deliver high quality, unique solutions to customers in very short time frames.

At NDA, we maintain a strong partnership philosophy with our customers, acting as extensions to their operations to ensure on-going project success. Our customers have realized increased overall efficiency, including increased quote volumes and accuracy, and decreased quote turnaround times and operational costs.

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