One application to quote your services around the world. Sell-n-Serve automates the complexities of quoting so your team can focus its efforts on other important tasks, like selling!

  • Product Input Validation. Check service availability for addresses. Validate product options to ensure correct configuration. Appropriate rates are applied based on location attributes.
  • Global Address Validation. Ensure you are quoting valid locations with Sell-n-Serve’s embedded geocoder and integration to Google Maps. Address validation is supported globally.
  • End-to-End Solution Quoting. Quickly price end-to-end solutions consisting of access, backbone, CPEs and other applicable charges. Sell-n-Serve determines the optimal interconnect (POP/NNI) locations based on your business rules.
  • Near-net Quoting. Increase your quoting coverage by providing near-net solutions when your customer location is within a certain radius to an on-net building.
  • Backbone Optimization. Instantly determine the best route for your backbone circuits via least cost or least distance. Visualize the route on a map and easily make modifications with just a few clicks.
  • CPE Quoting. Optimal CPE(s) are automatically included in the quote, based on your product configuration. Users can also include specific CPEs if needed. View the Bill of Materials to ensure CPEs meet the solution requirements.
  • Workflow for Multi-User Coordination. Organize and track quotes requiring input from multiple people or departments. Work queues are created for each user to easily follow pending requests.
  • Quote and Service Order generation. Populate quotes and service orders based on your company’s templates. Deliver a consistent message on all quotes and service orders.
  • Customer Self-Quoting. Allow your customers to quote themselves through your web portal. Customers can engage your team when assistance is needed with the click of a button. Customers can also integrate their quoting tool to your portal to further streamline operations. Select the quote information to be shown to customers versus employees.
  • Customer Specific Pricing. Ensure your customers are being quoted using their contracted rates. Easily create and manage your customer based rates without programming.
  • Sales Analytics. Configure and view real-time management reports and graphs on quote activities.
  • Easily update your availability and rates. Update service availability and rates, as needed via the Product Catalog. Allow authorized users to make updates to back-end data.

NDA will guide you through the implementation to ensure fast and accurate deployment.